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2013 Rules explained
The DRS zone is on the pit straight at the Bahrain Grand Prix , so turn 1 is the prime overtaking opportunity. The corner itself is incredibly tight, you must brake100 metres before the corner and shift right down to gear one. The width of the track further adds to the overtaking possibilities. Turns 2 and 3 are flat out and gaining a good exit can set up an overtaking opportunity into turn 4. The straight leading to turn 4 is very long, and the track at the corner itself is incredibly wide, at about thirty metres.Turns 5, 6 and 7 make up a flat-out, high-speed, left-right-left 'S' section that leads into turn 8, a right-hand hairpin where taking a wide line can avoid the bump on the apex which unsettles the car. Turns 9 and 10 are very challenging as they are two blind left-handers where cars must brake, downshift and turn simultaneously - they go from 205 km/h in gear 5 down to 63 km/h in gear 1 whilst trying to avoid locking up their inside front tires.The backstraight leads down into turns 11, 12 and 13, a medium-speed complex of corners. Turn 11 is a forth-gear left hander that leads immediately into the flat-out right hander of 12, then the third gear right-hander of turn 13 which requires a good exit to gain speed down the following straight. It is worth braking quite early for turn 14 to gain speed down the main straight. If you brake about 100 metres before the apex then it is easy to keep it smooth through the slow right hander and you can also put the power down early, and gain speed all the way through turn 15 and the main straight.

For Bahrain Supersoft is prime and the option is medium. Obviously intermediate and wet tires are available but we are in a desert so not much chance of rain.


The CCrF1 series returns better than ever. New cars, new rules, new features, returning champions and more. It runs on the rFactor platform on Thursday nights with qualifying at 9:00 pm est. The server is up at 8:00. The series is 20 races split into 2 mini series. There will be a series 1, series 2 and a overall grand champion crowned. To earn the title you will need to up your game. Give me 20 weeks and it will be the most fun you ever had sim racing. Champion or not.

So many challenges to conquer in this series. The usual driver skill and not making mistakes equals success. Tire strategy, DRS, KERS, weather will have to be mastered. Telemetry tools will help you dial in the car but from there it all depends on you. Let's take tire strategy. The usual Primary and Option choices are out. The mandated tires will be chosen to create a challenge. Don't forget rain can throw a wrench into your big plan when you don't expect it. Fuel will not be available during GP. A full tank is the only option here but greatly effects tire wear and tire strategy. DRS is an available tool but is limited to marked DRS zones on the track. What is it? With the push of a button rear wing opens reducing drag on the car. A temporary areo advantage on your competitor.  Some tracks have 1 zone while other tracks have multiple DRS deployment zones. Be within 1 second to the car in front of you and deploy DRS and go blowing by for the pass. That of course depends if he is within 1 sec to the car in front of him. Not enough to think about? Then let's look at KERS. A temporary boost of 80bhp for a limited 6.6 seconds max per lap. Use it wisely but you better damn well use it because your competitor is. The racing is tight your competitor has used his KERS to stay in front of you. He bobbles off the turn and you hit your KERS button and it's bye bye down the straight. Is your blood pumping yet? I promise you will be challenged. You will never be board during the series. The concentration level is intense. Yep might want to hit those Jagerbombs after the racing is over. Well what the hell you waiting for? Signup already.

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webber explains DRS and kers

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 The season will start with a test race at Bahrain. The test will use FIXED Setup. I know don't panic it's just a test. ERRS and DRS will be enabled. A specific primary and option tire compound will be mandated for each track. Wet and intermediate will always be available although no rain is expected at Bahrain. That will not be the case in future races.

This is about as real as it gets in sim racing. All past version features
are still there. The install is a complete stand alone install with instructions. spotter, overlays, telemetry and any supportive files needed. The passwords will be viewable to members at bottom right of this page.

In the true spirit of competition we mandate helping each other. Want to really improve your racing enjoyment?  Help others improve their skills and bring them to your level. Sure the result may be 6-8 drivers really fighting for the win on the last lap. Isn't that the racing you always dreamed of? Let's not forget the series is all about fun.


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